Soffits & Fascia Replacement

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Soffits & Fascia Replacement

Understanding fascia makes it easier to understand soffit, so let’s start there. The fascia is a long board that supports your roof along the roofline. It is attached to the underside of the edges of the roof and supports the shingles. Usually, your gutter is mounted along the fascia, too. The soffit is the board you see from the street. It resides under your fascia board and can be ventilated to allow air flow. It also performs cosmetic duty, making your roofline look pretty at the same time. While both the soffit and the fascia can be ventilated, ventilating the fascia in Schaumburg, IL has become more common in recent years. It seems to be more effective, and because you can’t see it as easily from the street, it’s more aesthetically pleasing to leave the soffit board unventilated.

Soffit and Fascia Maintenance in Schaumburg, IL

Because the soffit and fascia are so crucial to the construction of your roof, attachment of your gutters, and prevention of water damage, you need to make sure they remain functional. They’re a vital component to any health roof. Perform annual maintenance checks or hire New Restoration System of Schaumburg a soffit repair company, fascia repair company, to do it for you. We are Soffit and Fascia professionals in Schaumburg that will know what to look for and can tell almost immediately if you have problems. You can perform these checks on your own by looking for any sagging, cracked, or broken areas. It’s easy to check for these things while you clean your gutters since keeping your gutters clean is another important way you can prevent rot.

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